Sustainable Tank Degassing

Purgit C2 RVRS Cryo condensation 


The concept of this installation is based on the use of liquid nitrogen as a cooling medium. During the degassing, the vapors are sucked out of the tank(s) and passed through a condenser unit. This works as a heat exchanger where the vapors are returned to their original liquid state by the cold nitrogen. The temperature settings are fully PLC controlled and is product-dependent. The temperature in the condensers can be set between +5°C to -130°C. An redundant activated carbon unit is set as a second stage for polishing. The installation complies to the European air emission regulations stipulated in the NEC. The installation has a US Coast Guard certification. The installation has a working capacity of 1.200 m3/hour.

*) The Purgit C2 RVRS can also be deployed for the inertization of tanks after degassing or inertization when clean

The degassing phases

Circulation phase

End of Pipe phase

Continuation phase