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Sustainable Tank Degassing

EcoScrub ESU2 Wet scrubber


The EcoScrub Wet Scrubber is an inhouse development of Burando Environmental Service and is especially build to extensively reduce Odor and VOC emission of a specific range of hydrocarbon and chemical vapors with a high odor level. Product vapor with high concentration of H2S, Mercaptanes, Acrylates, Phenol, Formaldehyde, Ammonia, etc can be rinsed with the EcoScrub. The EcoScrub holds a Best Available Technology status in the Netherlands. The maximum working capacity of the installation is 3.500 m3/hour. In specific cases or special demands an activated carbon unit is place in a second stage for polishing. The EcoScrub is also deployed for the reduction of polluted dust and powders. The EcoScrub reduces Odor emission with more then 95% and VOC emission with more then 80%.